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The supervisors cannot talk about“The Seven Taboos” to construction units
The published date:2014-2-20  Popularity:2893  Editor:admin

Supervision in addition to correctly handle relationships with the owners, good working relationship with construction unit are indispensable. So, supervision in handling relations with construction unit should pay attention to what? Sum up, we should avoid "seven".

A cream do not speak the principle, the whole dharmadhatu. Supervision engineer to in the regulations and the contract within the scope of authorization, strictly perform their duties, standing on the position of fair, independently solve the problem in the work. Ambiguity in the work, and when "Sir", become subservient to the construction unit, is to set up the meaning of "the third party supervision". A large state-owned construction enterprise, has said: "we are more willing to cooperate with body line is strict supervision."

2 avoid not speak etiquette, on high. Few supervision practitioners to think instead of owners to exercise engineering supervision, superior, despise directly dealing with a dirty, tired, risks, bitter process of construction personnel. And supervisory personnel to adjust our mentality, the construction unit, especially a line homework personnel in and their equal position, is the key to improve the quality of their work.

Three avoid is not advice, fault light. Fault supervision engineer in the work is normal, but it is not enough to do this. Fault is not the goal, the goal is to make the construction unit for supervision engineer pick out the problem seriously and actively rectification, and the lines, to avoid recurrence of similar problems in the future. Therefore, requires supervision engineer problems found in the work, not only to learning, and to know the why, even at the same time put forward their own opinions. In the work and pay attention to methods.

4 avoid not only responsibility, evade a question. Supervision engineer should note: when work can within the scope of their functions and powers of question, don't use the owner as a "shield", one thousand ways to push to take off. Because the owner entrust supervision engineer of supervision, supervision engineer to coordinate construction is entrusted, constraints. Supervision engineer, therefore, to continuously strengthen find problems, the ability to analyze and solve problems, so as to establish self-image, and enhance the prestige, win the dependence of construction unit.

5 avoid achievement and picky in all things. Charge in the position of "fault" this is to look at the construction unit, but if the position of the "fault" into "wearing colored eyes see a problem", the result can only be counterproductive. Secondly, the current intense market competition has already been honed a batch of strong strength and good reputation, the strength of the management of advanced construction enterprise, their management method, construction technology is also should learn from the supervision unit, construction workers bear hardships and stand hard work, optimistic spirit and supervisory staff should learn. Supervision can only look from the "standard", and "empathy", to improve their work ability, supervising the progress of my career.

6 avoid knows nothing but pretends to know, formulaic. Construction of geographical environment, cultural environment, project characteristics and various solutions, entirely in theory, the ideal mode to regulate the construction unit, will make it. Supervisory personnel only in theory with practical work style, with practical and realistic attitude to deal with the problems in the construction, to better cooperate with construction unit work.

Seven avoid is not about position, degenerate. In the construction market in the current specification, part of the construction enterprises in the project bidding against the rules of the game, with very low prices, after the bid is to reduce the engineering quality, unqualified change claim, the way such as unwarranted increase quantity to achieve "loss, win on", the purpose of this supervision if do not stand firm, lack of professional ethics, loss of good faith principle, is likely to be active connect "sugar-coated cannonball" captured. And individual supervision practitioners are useful, or active and minority colluded non-standard construction unit, or hide or unscrupulous take card to eat, the construction unit and unhealthy relationships, and is "the third party supervision" job objective.

Supervision and construction units should be paid attention to the relationship between the processing problem and there are many, but one thing is constant, namely the relationship must be the heart, with Germany, usage rules.

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