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The CEO must notice several key points
The published date:2014-2-20  Popularity:3003  Editor:admin

Our overall supervision engineer responsibility system of project construction supervision of general supervision engineer exercise the contract gives the authority supervision units, fully responsible for the entrusted the supervision work. Construction supervision reorganization, things more heavy responsibility. Years of supervision work makes me feel deeply, as chief supervision engineer to do a good job in supervision must grasp the following several key.

1 director must strengthen learning, constantly improve themselves, make oneself become high intelligence personnel mastering many skills while specializing in:

Concrete is that politics should have the correct world outlook, values and outlook on life, must have the modern management thought, to have a strong dedication to work, high sense of responsibility, integrity, and the style of democracy. Business should have solid engineering theory basis, to have a comprehensive knowledge of engineering, has rich experience in engineering practice, to modern management skills as well as the organization, command, control and communication, coordination, to business, understand management. On the body and mind must have a strong physique, abundant energy. Especially has the good professional ethics. As many of his peers, to chief engineer, chief economist and director of the basic skills of project managers. Against this standard, it is difficult to complete all do something, but as a director should work toward this goal, to constantly learn and explore, improve in practice. Director only do a good job in their own learning, improve their own comprehensive qualities to be a good director, to do a good job of director.

2 director for accurate positioning, to do a good job of coordination: strictly speaking, the director is entrusted by the owners, on behalf of the supervision unit, within the scope of the owner's authorization, according to the supervision agency contract signed with the owner, in accordance with the law of administrative regulations and the relevant technical standards, design documents and construction contract, the contractors in the design, construction quality, construction period and construction investment, etc., on behalf of the supervision of the construction unit. Supervision unit and the owner of the 3, is entrusted with the relationship, and the supervision units (contractor) is the relationship between supervision and supervision. In the law is the equality of main body, the three on the job is to promote each other, is restricted in the management, supervision is one of the intermediary body. Therefore, director of contradiction, must abide by the law all along, the principle of good faith, fair, scientific, sets up the transposition thinking, should inspect already, also want to help. To the owner, to the owner to the position of leading role, from the Angle of engineering construction, standing in the position of owner, for owner to consider more, works as an adviser. For design units to fully respect design, scene design representative opinions, for optimizing the design of a good helper. In engineering construction units, both must strict requirements, and safeguarding the interests of their legal, also actively help them solve the problems arising from the work. All in all. Director to do already in place, or a, not offside. To tube, tube, dare tube. Only in this way, the director to play its unique role in the engineering construction.

3 to be a good director, head of the internal: internal director's duty is executive director, technical director. As executive director, director, according to the specific characteristics of cell engineering, setting up reasonable institution, supervision personnel, equipped with a sound system of supervision, standardize the procedures of supervision work, clear responsibility. As technical director, director from the start will be involved in supervising outline, supervision, after signing of the contract shall be presided over supervision plan, guide the professional supervision detailed rules for the implementation or supervision work plan. Engineering construction process, according to the supervision work of planning, implementing rules and regulations, organization to carry out the supervision work, finally still should do a good job in supervision. Need to point out that director when exercising, head of the internal functions to ensure the supervision of personnel at all levels have the necessary power, has to do reasonable allocation, science, in accordance with the relevant provisions.

4 governors to make "three control" target system to achieve the optimal combination: is the focus of the supervision of the implementation of the "three control" project construction, the quality control, investment, time limit for a project. Director of work is also the focus of the "three control", but the quality, investment and time limit for a project is a unified and conflicting with each other the target system. As director, the duty is based on the three aspects to control, makes the target system to achieve the optimal combination, so the director all work must be on the target to expand; In particular, first, we must always adhere to the quality first. Quality and investment, especially when the contradiction of time limit for a project, to be a clear attitude, from the height of the party, to the people, responsible for yourself to deal with conflict, dared to suggest that dares to all lost, dare to taste, reasonable application is defined in terms of pay their power, choose good, pays special attention to the quality control point, strictly station system and acceptance system, pays special attention to the beforehand, three link control approaches, a solid foundation to do preventive work, resolutely put a stop to or against "gift", "trilateral" engineering in violation of the objective laws of project appear in their supervision of project, only in this way; To eliminate key do is analyzed, to set up the time limit for a project coordination system, from organization technology, contract management, economic, and information feedback timely take measures, through dynamic control, with month season, with JiBao years, thus ensuring the time limit for a project.

5 supervision information work, pays special attention to the construction supervision information is the basis of the governor control, is also a director of supervision of the basis of decision-making. Engaged in the construction supervision is to information on traffic, and stresses the supervision information, director from the information collection, sorting, processing, storage, transfer and other parts on the perfect rules and regulations. Strengthen supervise. With the rapid development of computer technology, computer technology has play a more and more important role in construction supervision. Especially in some large and medium-sized key engineering projects. So the director to the value of information management at the same time. Also should attach great importance to the development and application of the computer.

Do director work, it is a system engineering, which link to deal with well. This paper only mentions a few of them, this is by no means rest is not important. Speak wrong. Please comment.

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