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Retrospection and Conclusion of Engineering Supervision Industry Development
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Construction supervision industry development review and summary in 2004 (last)

Construction project supervision in China has gone through a journey of 16 years of development. The implementation of the project supervision system to effectively control the construction quality, construction period and investment, improve the comprehensive benefit of the engineering construction investment, the position and role of engineering supervision had been widely accepted by the whole society. In 2004, our country engineering supervision business continued to maintain a good momentum of development.

To speed up the construction of project supervision laws and regulations system

At present, our country engineering supervision system of the laws and regulations is not perfect enough, the engineering supervision rights and obligations of responsibility, the lack of a comprehensive system of rules. "Building law" and "construction engineering quality management regulations only to make a provision to the part of the market behavior of engineering supervision, lack of systematicness and integrity. The ministry of construction and the former state planning commission jointly issued the "engineering construction supervision regulations" belongs to the normative documents, administrative levels is low, the binding force is not strong, and can meet the needs of the development of the current market economy in our country. To this end, the ministry of construction drafted the regulation on administration of construction project supervision. The rule is to scientifically define the nature of the construction supervision, status, role, has been clear about the project supervision the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the enterprise, systematically standardize the market behavior of supervision enterprise and supervisors. Bidding law "regulation, the construction project supervision must be carried out on the bidding, but has its own characteristics, engineering supervision bidding, construction supervision market is directly related to how to implement the scientific operation problems. Drafted the "construction engineering supervision, the ministry of construction tendering and bidding management method". Supervision bidding evaluation method, the way to highlight the requirements in the process of bidding, bid evaluation focuses on supervision plan, personnel ability, enterprise credit and performance and other technical indicators, supervision of price is as the main evaluation basis, better reflect the industry characteristics of engineering supervision.

Promulgated by the state council "decision on reform of investment system, requirements of non-operating government investment projects to speed up the implementation of the" agent ", select the specialized project management unit is responsible for carrying out the construction, strictly control project investment, quality and time limit for a project, the completion acceptance back to use the unit. This is our engineering construction management system reform of a new step. For the implementation of the policy, the ministry of construction issued the "trial implementation measures for the construction project management", to guide and promote the standardization implementation of reform measures. The way to the enterprises engaged in project management has made specific provision, request for survey, design, construction, supervision, procuratorial and cost consultation enterprises, one of the qualifications to carry out project management business, business scope and clearly put forward the project management. It is important to note that the way to break through the traditional personnel qualification measures for the management of bottlenecks, breaking boundaries, with appropriate qualification personnel can allow in any kind of enterprise registration and practice, made a number of qualification professionals can also be in the same enterprise registration and practice respectively. This regulation is advantageous to the enterprise widely attracting talent, but also to all kinds of talents to the compound direction transformation, in order to give full play to its role in project management.

Construction supervision industry organization structure adjustment

According to statistics, by the end of 2004, a total of 6226 national engineering supervision enterprises, of which 1021 class a qualification enterprises, accounting for 16.40%; 2457 class b qualification enterprises, accounting for 39.46%; 2748 class c qualifications of enterprises, the total number of enterprises accounted for 44.14%.

Number, according to data from party a and class b supervision companies accounted for 55.86% of enterprise total industry organization structure is not reasonable. According to the actual size and the number of the project, the decree 86 and ministry of construction of the construction project supervision provisions on the scope and scale standard, is suitable for the engineering projects, the supervision of a, engineering quantity accounts for the vast majority of the second degree, namely party a and class b qualification enterprise shall be accounted for the vast majority in the industry, but the actual situation is the second and third class project of investment scale is larger, the number means the class a unfavorable and overmuch. A, b, c three levels of enterprise is featured on the industry structure to suit the actual situation of China's construction market, can consider to take appropriate measures to industry structure adjustment.

Engineering supervision enterprise diversified development trend

According to Beijing, hebei, Inner Mongolia, liaoning, heilongjiang, hunan, sichuan, yunnan and other 15 provinces, 2592 companies survey statistics, including co., LTD., 242, 9.34%; Co., LTD., 1874, accounting for 72.30%; Partnerships, 43 (1.66%); Two of the sole proprietorship enterprise, accounting for 0.08%; 7 sino-foreign joint venture enterprises, accounting for 0.27%; 2 sino-foreign cooperative enterprises, accounting for 0.08%; 221 state-owned enterprises, accounting for 8.53%; Other enterprise in 21, accounting for 0.81%.

From the point of view of property right structure and company type enterprise has a specific gravity, it is in conformity with the direction of the market economy development, but the state-owned enterprise especially the big proportion of the central management of state-owned property right of enterprise and concentration is higher, should speed up the pace of supervision of state-owned enterprise reform.

Construction supervision industry development review and summary in 2004 (the next)

The overall quality of supervision personnel are

At present, the national supervision personnel, about 270000 people, the supervision engineer qualification obtained 99500 people, 84000 registered supervision engineers, a third about the employees. 2004 national sign up for supervision engineer qualification examination of 97894 people, to take an examination of 74421 people, 12298 qualified, percent of pass is 17%, 7% lower than in 2003, compared with the calendar year examination pass rate also fell.

According to Beijing, hebei, chongqing, jiangsu, henan, hubei, guangxi and other 14 provinces and construction group, China railway construction corporation and other five supervision of the central management of the 2607 companies, 153852 employees, including 33569 certified supervision engineer, accounted for 21.82% of the total number of general supervision personnel 120283 people, accounting for 78.18%; Senior titles, 33005 people, accounted for 21.45%, intermediate title 68397 people, accounting for 44.46%, primary title 34864 people, accounting for 22.66%, no title 14772 people, accounted for 9.60%; Obtained a doctorate in 177, accounting for 0.12%, master's degree in 2005, accounting for 1.30%, undergraduate 54687 people, accounted for 33.55%, college, 58382 (37.95%), technical secondary school 22610 people, accounting for 14.70%, the technical secondary school 10383 people, accounted for 6.75%.

Statistics show that registered supervision engineer accounted for about one 5 of the total supervision team, that there are quite a number of registered supervision engineer did not on-the-job employees. Therefore, in the existing system on the basis of supervision industry, need to set up the qualifications, through administrative licensing for quite a number of registered supervision engineers, practitioners to confirm its qualification examination, to further defined job responsibilities, supervisory staff to ensure the supervision of the practical work need.

Statistical results also show that the overall quality of supervision team is higher, from personnel of course of study subjects have senior titles accounted for 65.91% of the surveyed, but nearly 10% of the workers, no title, also cannot be ignored, should strengthen the training of this part of the staff education, improve the quality and level. From the degree structure analysis, one of the few supervision staff of highly educated, only 1.42% of doctoral and master's degree, main force for college and bachelor degree personnel, accounting for 73.5%.

Engineering supervision service scope continues to expand in the direction of depth

According to Beijing, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang and other 16 provinces and cities 172156 supervision of engineering survey, supervision enterprise engaged in the construction phase supervision nearly three years other than business situation is: the early stage of the consultation, 2393, accounting for 1.39%; Engaged in survey and design bidding 1462, accounting for 0.85%; Of survey supervision, 831, accounting for 0.48%; Engaged in the design of 4358, accounting for 2.53%; Engaged in the construction bidding, 12549, accounting for 7.29%; Engaged in equipment tendering 1281, accounting for 0.74%; Engaged in equipment manufacturing, 1105, accounting for 0.64%.

According to Beijing, hebei, Inner Mongolia, liaoning and other 16 provinces of supervision enterprise survey statistics, is engaged in the construction stage of project supervision, 294261, 79316 which is engaged in the quality, progress and investment control, accounting for 26.95%; Engaged in quality control of 100505, accounting for 34.16%; Engaged in the schedule control 62775, accounting for 21.33%; Engaged in the investment control, 51665, accounting for 17.56%.

Survey statistics show that the supervision enterprises involved in prophase work, no matter from the depth and breadth is very limited, the main body work still stays in the construction phase, so the current industry is the focus of the work during construction by supervision engineer work, pays special attention to the work at construction stage of project quality, progress and investment control. A few personnel reasonable structure, strong comprehensive strength of supervision enterprises should continue to expand their business scope, the multi-stage engineering supervision, the whole process of project management direction. Supervision of the construction phase is the focus of our work and the basic foothold, is also the foundation of trust the government and social identity and fundamental, only do a good job of the construction phase of the supervision, supervision industry could realize self-perfection and self-development.

Engineering supervision service price deviates from the value of the situation is still grim

According to the Shanghai, chongqing, jiangsu, henan, hubei, guangxi and other 14 provinces and construction group, China railway construction corporation and other five central management of 2503 companies survey statistics, supervision of project total cost 648.1 billion yuan, nearly three years the agency appointment contract price 20.6 billion yuan, every enterprise project total cost 259 million yuan, annual average supervision agency appointment contract price 8.14 million yuan; Individual supervision contract fee of 2.7%, highest minimum charge is 0.1%, the average rate of 1.03%, supervision of unpaid fees as high as 1.6 billion yuan, accounting for 7.77% of the contract price, an average of 640000 yuan each enterprise by default.

Statistics show that China's supervision enterprise scale is small, low supervision fees, management fees in arrears is serious, construction market to specification. Currently, the problem of low charge supervision work is common, and has the characteristics of both the common market has policy influence, as well as the industry lack of self-discipline, racing to malignant interacting, etc. The consequences of supervision enterprise is unable to attract high-quality supervision personnel, greatly weakened the supervisory staff's enthusiasm, the brain drain is very serious, industries and enterprises lack of developing power, difficult to play a supervisory role.

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